Have you ever had to make a difficult decision about something and you just go blank? or you swing between two answers?

You're not alone, most of us struggle with making decisions.

Here's why...as children our parents/teachers/society made the decisions for us. Most of the decisions made were keeping you conformed to societal rules, disregarding YOU. This pulled you away from your authentic self, your Inner Wisdom. 

When you are faced with making decisions outside of the day-to-day routines a battle within happens. Your Inner Wisdom battles the "shoulds" that have been placed upon you. During this battle you may experience total lock-down or oscillating between options. 

You want to follow your Inner Wisdom because your Inner Wisdom will always lead you to what is right for your happiness, but how?

How do you know what your Inner Wisdom is guiding you towards and which is the "shoulds"?

This is where tarot/oracle cards come in.

For over 20 years I have been using tarot/oracle cards to help guide me to my Inner Wisdom. Each time I pull a card I am blown away with the perfect messages.

My favorite is the One Card Draw. It's simple and quick.

Here's how to do the One Card Draw...
Start with your question, be specific but stay away from "yes" and "no" questions. For example you need guidance on staying at your job or going to a new job. Ask "I'm looking for guidance around the job that is in most alignment to my authentic self?".

With that question in mind grab your deck. Take a moment to breath into your question and then start to mix your cards (don't do any mixing that will bend the cards). Continue to breath with this question while you mix your cards. When it feels right pull a card that you are guided to.

It's time for your brilliant intuition to guide you towards your answer from your authentic self with the help of the tarot card. Your intuition will be drawn to certain images or words. Look at your card are you drawn to anything in the image? If so what does it mean to you? As you read the description what word or phrases are you drawn to? What does this mean to you?

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Diedra Petrina

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