Do you desire a life that sparkles with magic?

Sizzling romantic relationships, fulfilling career, bliss and joy.

Your unconditional love will unlock the magic.

You are the one and only that can truly love yourself unconditionally. Others might come close but are never 100%.

But yet, if you are like most people loving yourself is the hardest thing to do.

When you learn to love yourself magic happens. Your career flourishes and is fulfilling, your love/sex life sizzles, life becomes exciting and joyful.

Weekly sessions over a 5-week period. Each session is 1-hour long.

At the end of each session you will be given a custom practice that feels nourishing and supportive to your nervous system.

After the completion of the 5-sessions I will send you an anonymous feedback form for you to fill out.

The most important thing to know and remember is that this is a partnership between you and me. Together we create the space, the environment for transformation to occur. This is a dance of exploration. I'm here to ask the questions necessary for deep transformation and to hold you in a safe and loving space so that you can dive deep inside.

We start the session with a high vibration created by sharing CELEBRATIONS (big and small)!

We go on an adventure to discover what your deep desires are.

We dive deep into your subconscious through the body/mind to discover what is keeping you from your greatest desires.

We replace and support those areas with empowering pieces through breath work, meditation, and/or integration.

You'll have custom practices to keep you moving towards your desires.

There is a very special offer happening right now. I'm offering this to 7 people who are interested in participating in this beta Empowerment Coaching package.

$125 to be paid upfront and will be reimbursed after the 5-week package is completed and the feedback form is filled out. This package is FREE.


To participate in this please fill out the short application to the right. You will receive an email if you have been chosen to participate in this beta coaching package.

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