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The Mother's Emergency Kit

The Mother's Emergency Kit is here for the crazy busy mom who is tired of the constant chaos and stress of being a mom who is looking for quick yet effective ways to bring calm and fun to your day. 

The Mother's Emergency Kit is filled with quick and easy to blend into your daily routine techniques to concquer the ebs and flow of mother hood. Helping you move through the challenging times in a way that is healing and bringing you back to you allowing more fun and laughter to fill your days.  

The Mother's Emergency Kit combines breathwork practices, self-love rituals, and mind shift work to support you in a holistic way. 

What's Inside

The Mother's Emergency Kit is divided into 3-sections: breathwork, self-love rituals, and mind shifts. Designed to support you neurologically, emotionally, and mentally


Breathwork is used to support your neurological system by switching you out of the sympathetic nervous system (fight-or-flight) to the parasympathetic nervous system (rest-relax-digest). In the parasympathetic nervous system state your body can heal itself and feel more rested. 

In this section there are 3-different breathwork practices. Each practice can be done in 1-min to help bring you back to you and relieve stress in almost any situation.

  • Stress Release Breath
  • Mindfulness Breath
  • Spirit Breath
Self-love Rituals

Self-love rituals support you emotionally by empowering you to listen to what YOU need. 

Being loved for you is a core need but most likely you are going about this in a way that leaves you feeling unfulfilled and powerless by relying on others to give you what you need.

Only you know what you need. When you learn to love yourself you take back your power and fill yourself up. 

Having a daily practice of self-love is so important for your overall wellbeing and is the foundation for self-healing. 

Mind shifts

Your mind is incredibly powerful and influences your mental and physical state. Many times the difference between misery and happiness is how you think about the situation. 

The key to your happiness and joy is your mind. 

It's so easy to get stuck in the go-go-go mode and caught up in the stress of day-to-day stuff. In this section you will learn how to shift your mind around mundane tasks and turn them into a source of fun and stress relieving sources. 

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