A little birdie told me you joined B-School.

Big, GINORMOUS congratulations to you!!

I am sending you so much supportive love right now.

My, my, my...I was so excited about you joining B-School I almost forgot to introduce myself, I'm Diedra Petrina, a fellow B-Schooler and visionary of Love + Empowerment Coaching. 

I remember how nervous I was when I signed up for B-School and how much courage it took to say "YES". 

I also remember getting stuck during the process and allowing my fears and anxiety hold me back from pushing forward. One of the best things I did (besides joining B-School) was working with a coach to get me past this.

I am here to help women embrace their inner Heroine, feeling empowered to share their vision, fueled by love. 

You will be deeply supported to step into your journey and shine as the Heroine you are. 

What to expect

6 weeks of me supporting you 100% includes 3 one-on-one sessions. Each session is 60 minutes. If you would like to know how the 6 weeks will flow, check out the Heroine Package outline below.

NEXT STEP: Please read the Terms of Service Agreement, fill out the Intake Form, and pick your starting month (find all of this below the Heroine Package Schedule)


  1. You must secure your spot by Monday, April 6, 2020
  2. My books are open to 5 clients each month.  Let me know which month you would like to start, by giving me your 1st and 2nd choice. Please be sure to choose a duration in which you are able to commit to 6 continuous weeks (3 bi-weekly sessions), sticking to this schedule is important to achieve the most powerful results. Once the monthly schedule is complete I will email you your starting month. 

The Heroine Package Schedule

Week 1 - Session 1: Desire

Week 2 - Email support with meditation, breath work, or action item

Week 3 - Session 2: Work/Business

Week 4 - Email support with meditation, breath work, or action item

Week 5 - Session 3: Money

Week 6 - Email support with meditation, breath work, or action item

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I look forward to meeting you. 

I am committed in helping you be your greatest self and holding space for the exploration of anything that will expand you. 

Loving hugs - Diedra

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